Friday, 14 November 2008

Books thread...

Hello, tens of readers! (I'm being optimistic...)

I'm starting to feel a little short of reading material and thought I'd turn to the Internet for inspiration. So, recommendations please!

What do I like? Well, I'm big into SF and fantasy, but most definitely prefer books that take a realistic approach to the unbelievable, if that makes sense. Some of my favourite authors include Steven Erikson, Stephen Brust, and Neal Stephenson - don't suggest Bakker though, tried it and found it too grim for my tastes.

I'm also keen on any recommendations for any other sort of fiction, although I doubt I'd have much truck with a romance novel... I'd be interested too in your thoughts on non-fiction in any of the following areas - Photography, Travel, Knowledge Management, Generic Business Wisdom, Military History.

I hope to use this as yet very young blog to talk more about what I read in the future, so it would be great to kick off with some suggestions - please get involved! Thanks...


Boris Legradic said...

You might like:

Richard K. Morgans Takeshi Kovac trilogy

Neal Asher

or Patrick Rothfuss, whose Name of the Wind (I reviewd it here ) is the best fantasy I've read in years!

Phil Ridout said...

Have you read 'The Sparrow' by Mary Doria Russel ?

If not, I can lend you a copy the next time we meet at KIN.