Monday, 3 November 2008

US Politics etc...

Politics - in particular, the US elections. I find myself utterly transfixed by this year's election - something about the final days of Bush's time in office, the desperately weird and erratic campaign waged by McCain set against the hope that Obama may offer... It's heady stuff. However - of course, being British I don't have any say in the election and arguably shouldn't even care. So is this weird, that I'm so caught up? Not sure, really, but pretty convinced I'm not going to quit compulsively refreshing the "Politics" folder in my Google reader feed anytime before Wednesday morning my time!

Katherine Jenkins, the classical singer, has revealed she took cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis in her younger days. This was apparently to pre-empt a story about to be broken in the gutter press about it. Really, does anybody care? Should anyone care that it was illegal? Why is this news when other celebrities drug use is far more obvious and blatant? Very strange.

In other news, our internal changes continue to rumble on... All up in the air and no way of saying for sure where it's all going to land yet. Trying to keep focus on business as usual, but somewhat hard to focus under these circumstances.

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