Saturday, 23 January 2010

iPhoned Up

Well, I've finally given in to the whole smartphone phenomenon & am writing this in a Newbury cafe on my shiny new iPhone 3GS. Quite a novel experience for someone who's only ever had boring Nokias!

So far I have to admit I'm really impressed. Main reasons for getting this phone were to stay more in touch with my various social networks whilst out & about, and also have better on the go access to weather forecasts for windsurfing.

Not really tested weather forecasts yet, but for staying connected the iPhone is awesome. Having added a few apps, I'm now easily able to keep up with email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and my RSS feeds - not to mention posting to the blog of course.

Geek alert: also now able to remote desktop to my PC from the phone - sweet.

Must admit the touchscreen is for now slower than texting on my old phone, but reckon that'll improve with practice. Otherwise very happy with the thing!

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