Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Has much happened since my last post? Not an awful lot, really. Continued the struggle to whip SharePoint into something approaching usability at work, whilst dealing with ongoing organisational uncertainty - all good fun and games!

I have been to a couple of very useful KIN events, the first an inaugural general meeting for the Enabling Technologies SIG and the second a Communities of Practice roundtable. Both delivered a lot of interesting thoughts, material, and most of all connections with smart people. Might post a bit more about these at some point soon...

On the personal front I actually managed to get out windsurfing a couple of weekends ago, which was nice - but good grief, am I unfit. This morning saw me try to do something about it - in retrospect, 20 sec sprint intervals after almost 4 months of no exercise was a mistake! I will try to keep up more frequent training but maybe take the intensity down a little, at least to start with.

I've been taking a few more photographs here & there, and might do a couple more posts on here - in the mean time if you're interested check out my Flickr. I'm particularly pleased with my most recent set!

Furthermore to photography, anyone with an interest in wedding photography should head over to the forums, where Jeff Ascough is running a Q&A through this week. It's illuminating stuff.

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