Monday, 3 August 2009

Photos Catch-up - Part 2

Following my last photos catch-up post a while back, the time's definitely come for some more.


End of May we went up to the Lakes for a weekend of messing about in boats and generally enjoying the outdoors at Low Bank Ground. On the Friday evening some of the crazier members of the group decided a swim was in order - the mountain board was a last minute brainwave...


Saturday saw plenty of kayaking & sailing...


...following by a cracking BBQ, beers cooled in the lake and a good sing-along around the campfire.


Sunday the weather was much nicer.


Indeed, it was plenty warm enough for some raft-racing - the raft I helped build is the one above. The other two sunk, so we won!

Think that's probably enough pictures for one post - stay tuned for catch-up part 3...

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