Monday, 7 December 2009

And now for something completely different…

From mince pies and mulled wine…  to brutally high-volume rap metal!  Yep, that’s right – it’s the campaign to get Rage Against The Machine’s expletive-laced scream of defiance against authority, “Killing in the Name”, to Christmas Number 1 in the UK Charts.  Nothing if not varied, this blog.


That song recalls happy memories from my youth – specifically, a school “talent show” degenerating into a sweaty mosh-pit as one of the bands kicked in with a bit of “Killing in the Name”.  I’ve no idea if the teachers turned off the power ‘cos they thought it was going to turn into a riot, or if they’d somehow got wind of the lyrics to the final verse…  Either way, a horde of frustrated and fired-up teenagers were left with nothing to do but go and lurk around on Southsea Common, trying to look cool.  Ah, good times!

Somehow RATM’s eponymous debut album seems to have eluded any transferral to digital, so I’ve just downloaded a copy and given it a listen.  Was on my own in the flat so able to turn it up good and loud!  I was mainly being nostalgic but on listening, I was surprised to discover again what a good album it actually is.  Being honest, I liked it at the time due to the swearing and some vaguely defined spirit of rebellion; it’s actually pretty damn impressive, in music and lyrics.  Well worth a listen and certainly doesn’t sound like it was released 17 years ago…  Now I feel old!


Anyway – back to the campaign.  It’s all started off in disgust at the seeming stranglehold the Simon Cowell “entertainment” juggernaut has on the Christmas No. 1 spot.  Two good people on Facebook, Tracey & Jon Morter, came up with the idea – what better way to protest against mass produced, bland, musical pap than getting its complete antithesis to number 1?!  The Facebook group is up to well over 350,000 and growing fast.  All of us are going to buy the single NEXT WEEK – no point buying it now! – so just maybe, there might be a chance to stop the X Factor single from reaching the top spot.

For all the details go to the Facebook group, or check out #ratm4xmas on Twitter.  Go on, get involved! 

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